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  • How?

    We use the highest quality human hair and attach them on a skin base ultra-light material for the ultimate undetectability. The ultra-light material is according to the size of your scalp and attached with a technique that suit your life style.

  • Hair Replacement Products

    All our custom made hair replacement products are fully hand tied and of the highest quality. We have several methods or techniques available for men and woman.

  • Hair Protease

    The hair protease is a replacement method where the hair is tied on a skin base ultra-light meterial, which is according to measurements of your scalp and attached to your existing hair or scalp.

    We use the finest quality hair that has been blend and processed therefor it is strong and natural in appearance..

    The hairs are knotted according to the directions of the hair growth and perfectly matched with your existing hair therefore the Hair protease is completely undetectable, so that you can appear with high self-confidence in society.

  • Hair Intergration

    Hair loss for woman is much different then men, traditional pattern baldness and should be treated accordingly. One of our recent technological innovations is the Hair Intergration, in which all of the existing hair is intergrated though ultra-fine webbing.

    Attached to the webbing is hair that has already been pefectly matched in color, lenght and texture, the result are nothing short of spectacular.

  • Hair Weaving

    Our other recent technique is the hair weaving, this method gives your existing hair more volume or the lenght of hair that you desire.

    The hairs are knotted on an ultra-fine ribbon and attached to the real hair with a hair weaving, the weaving is done in several layers over the scalp.

    The hair is matched in color and lenght therefor the hair looks like your natural hair and can be styled accordingly to your design.

  • The procces does not involve surgery

    All of the techniques are completely non-surgical. We do not insert anything into the scalp or cut the scalp in ant way.

  • The Price Factors

    The price depends on a number of different factors, among them agree of hair loss, the technique or method of the replacement, and the amount of time and material needed to complete the replacement.

  • People will not know you have done something with your hair.

    Those that know you intimately, like your family, will probably know you have replaced your hair, only because they are so used to seeing you the way you are now. We guarantee the complete undetectability or y our replacement. No one seeing you for the first time will be wiser. For those of you with very mature baldness patterns, we can restore your hair gradually so that the positive changes in your appearance happends gradually also.

  • No Limitation in your physical activities!

    We will design your hair replacement with your lifestyle in mind. You will swim and shower or exercise confidently, and the replacement looks as natural wet or dry.

  • Permanent or Removable

    We have both permanent and removable replacements. We will discus the advantages of each with you personally.

  • Recommended by medical physicians

    Medical proffesionals including dermatologist and oncologist have recommended their clients to us hair replacements for relief from edically induced hair loss conditions such as radation, chemotherapy, and Alopecia Areata.

  • Professional Service

    With NU HAIR SALON you are in good hands, with over 25 years of experience in the Hair replacement & Wig Industry you can rest assured that you recieve the highest level of professional treatment and service

    NU HAIR has been manufacturing hair replacement products in Indonesia since 1987. Our technology is from Europe's finest and most experienced experts in the art of potische or wig making

    Currently, we manufacture for several European hair replacement companies they constantly update us of the latest development, technology and trends in the Hair replacment & Wig Industry.

    NU HAIR combines the sphisticated and innovated technology with an absolute dedication to provide the highest of professionalism and service to those suffering from hair loss or baldness.

  • Synthetic or Human hair wigs

    When deciding on to purchanse a synthetic or human hair wigs you have to keep the following in mind:

    Synthetic Wig

    Keep in mind that synthetic wigs are best suits for occasional or short-term wearers. If worn on a daily basis, a good synthetic wig can last for up to 14 months. Also synthetic hair can be unnatural looking. There are several brands on the market and a good quality synthetic can give you the look that you want, but it may take some hunting.

    Human Hair Wig

    Keep in mind that human hair wigs are best for long-term or permanent wearers. High quality human hair wig can last for 3 up to 5 year, of course depending on maintenance of wig. The tend to fit better and style more natural.

  • How to recognize quality wig?

    You can recognize quality wig by looking inside the cap. A low quality wig will have "lines" with spaces in between. DO not believe someone that says these lines are there to allow heat to escape and therefore make the wig more comfortable. These lines are the result of cheap manufacturing techniques ( using machines ) and since the hair from layers above covers the holes there is no real ventilation. However, these wigs are inexpensive and depending on the quality of hair, can look natural.

    A good quality wig are hand tied and do not have "lines" and are totally undetectable and comforable when done by an experienced wigmaker.